Welcome to the LAKEVIEW MOTEL
Welcome to the LAKEVIEW MOTEL



We take the health and well-being of our guests and staff very​ seriously so the following are just some of the steps we have taken to try to limit guest and staff exposure to viruses such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) :


  • All frequently touched surfaces in guest rooms (such as all interior and exterior door knobs, door lock, remote controls, restroom surfaces, handles, coffee service items, etc are treated with a hospital grade disinfectant between each guest in every room daily.


  • All frequently used items in common areas (such as the office doorbell and door handle) are treated with a hospital-grade disinfectant after every use.


  • All bedding and towels (bed spreads included) are disinfectant treated between each guest.


  • We have chosen to utilize a contact-less check-in procedure when available not only in the interest of convenience, but in an effort to limit guest exposure to any area with re-circulated air (such as the office), exposure to other guests, and to limit guest use of items that may be touched by other guests (such as the office counter).


Please note, because the disinfectant treatment is a liquid which must remain on surfaces for a period of time, you may notice smudges or spots visible on some surfaces. This is not an indication the surface has not been cleaned, it's evidence it has been treated and although possibly unsightly, is completely harmless and helpful in killing viruses.



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